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AEW/WWE ‘war’ now includes battle of the golf cart spots

During the brutal Roman Reigns/Kevin Owens Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble last night (Jan. 31), the Universal champ hit Owens with a golf cart.

It was a cool spot, and one that I and many others knew would draw comparisons to the multiple times Sammy Guevara was run over by a golf cart in AEW last year.

Matt Hardy was among those who drew the comparison...

Guevara tweeted the same clip, and the pair bantered around the topic for a bit. Some accused Hardy of being thin-skinned, or claiming ownership of a not-exactly-revolutionary idea, which prompted the standard wrestler response...

Hardy wasn’t the only AEW star fans decided to alert to the perceived gimmick infringement. Kenny Omega took the high road... and really didn’t want to get involved.

One of WWE’s partners wanted to make it clear to everyone that AEW didn’t invent the golf cart spot...

And really, wrestlers hitting wrestlers with vehicles has been around a long time, as Omega discussed with a fan...

In the end, it’s a reminder to not let this “war” affect your enjoyment of good wrestling.

Or if participating and encouraging said “war” is part of how you enjoy wrestling, try not to involve folks who aren’t interested.

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