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The complete list of survival times for the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match

The 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match lasted 58 minutes and 49 seconds (58m 49s).

The survival time for a superstar is the time that lapses between the point when she steps foot into the ring and the time that her feet hit the floor to signal elimination. This does not include the time it takes for a superstar to make her way from the entrance ramp down to the actual ring.

The average superstar survival time for the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble match was 13m 17s and the median survival time was 7m 28s. The median value is less influenced by outliers at either extreme.

Here is the full list of survival times for all 30 superstars:

  • 56m 53s: Bianca Belair
  • 47m 39s: Naomi
  • 41m 47s: Shayna Baszler
  • 39m 06s: Rhea Ripley
  • 33m 48s: Charlotte Flair
  • 29m 07s: Bayley
  • 19m 21s: Lacey Evans
  • 13m 39s: Peyton Royce
  • 11m 22s: Toni Storm
  • 10m 52s: Ruby Riott
  • 9m 58s: Lana
  • 8m 31s: Tamina
  • 8m 11s: Billie Kay
  • 8m 01s: Jillian Hall
  • 7m 37s: Nikki Cross
  • 7m 19s: Mickie James
  • 7m 15s: Victoria
  • 6m 37s: Liv Morgan
  • 4m 32s: Santana Garrett
  • 3m 59s: Torrie Wilson
  • 3m 50s: Mandy Rose
  • 3m 45s: Shotzi Blackheart
  • 2m 58s: Dana Brooke
  • 2m 43s: Nia Jax
  • 2m 06s: Dakota Kai
  • 2m 00s: Natalya
  • 1m 51s: Ember Moon
  • 1m 47s: Alicia Fox
  • 1m 02s: Alexa Bliss
  • 0m 46s: Carmella

Every listed time should be viewed with a margin of error of about two seconds or so.

Almost all of the survival times listed on WWE’s web site fall within one second of the above times. However, they give Shotzi Blackheart a survival time of 2m 46s, which is nearly a full minute below my calculated survival time of 3m 45s for her. I stand by my number and believe that WWE’s number is incorrect.

This match was clearly dominated by the top six names on the above list, who each survived for 29+ minutes. The combined survival time for those six women accounts for 62.3% of the cumulative survival time for all 30 superstars.

Naomi’s name is the most surprising to see in that group because she hasn’t been pushed as a top star in years. Perhaps that’s about to change with her return to television.

Billie Kay’s survival time did not begin until she finally entered the ring alongside Jillian Hall.

12 women failed to survive for five full minutes. Half of them are not regulars on WWE’s main roster.

If the rumor that Rhea Ripley is already on the main roster is true, that means Toni Storm fared the best out of all of the non main roster women in this match.

Jillian Hall survived the next longest from that group. Her survival time (8m 01s) was greater than the combined time (7m 42s) for NXT stars Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, and Dakota Kai.

Alexa Bliss’ performance was a major disappointment, but Carmella had the worst night of all. Not only did she fail to defeat Sasha Banks for the SmackDown women’s championship earlier in the night, but then she couldn’t even last for a full minute in the Royal Rumble match.

On the other side of the coin, Shayna Baszler not only won championship gold earlier in the night, but she went on to survive for nearly 42 minutes in the Royal Rumble match. Her tag team partner Nia Jax had a much smaller workload in the Royal Rumble match, and didn’t even last for three minutes. Yet she was the one who tossed out Baszler to end that 41+ minute run.

Lana survived longer than Nikki Cross did. I’m thinking that maybe Cross needs to ditch that theme music if she wants her luck to change. Then again, Cross’s survival time did finish above the median line, so things could have been much worse for her.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. Which of the above numbers surprise you the most?

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