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How many more ‘One more matches’ does Christian have in him?

As has been the case throughout his really-freaking-already-should-be-in-the-Hall-of-Fame career, Christian’s return to the ring for the first time in seven years ended up as a bit of a footnote to his best friend Edge’s big Royal Rumble win.

Like his already-in-the-Hall-of-Fame partner, we’d been led to believe Christian’s in-ring career was over. After the Rated R Superstar’s return at last year’s Rumble, he’d even explained why his situation was different, and why that meant he wouldn’t be making a similar comeback. He got involved in Edge’s storyline with Randy Orton, but that seemed to only be in service of advancing their feud. The match was structured and shot so Christian didn’t have to take any potentially brain-rattling bumps.

But then last night (Jan. 31), 47 year old Jay Reso was in the Rumble, falling flat on his back and dishing out Unprettiers like he hadn’t missed a beat.

Was it a one-off, like so many Rumble surprises? Or was it the start of the proverbial one last run?

The man himself is playing it coy...

“What’s next for me? All I ever promised was one more match. That could be it.”

But his kayfabe brother seems to think they’re back for more than just a five second pose...

“... I have my best friend back with me again...”

So what do you think?

Full disclosure... Christian is one of my all-time favorites. The combination of in-ring skill, entertaining character work, and second fiddle status endeared him to me back in the previous century, and I’ve been a member of the Coalition ever since. I own several pieces of merchandise from his TNA run, in case I need to prove my cred.

That means I’m down for whatever he wants to do, even though I generally think WWE should be relying less and less on the stars of yesteryear.

But Peeps and no-Peeps alike, please weigh in below with your thoughts on Captain Charisma’s future.

We’ll see if he’s on Raw tonight and recalibrate our expectations from there.

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