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Adam Pearce has some explaining to do

You’re damn right I’m not letting this go.

I wondered just what the hell Adam Pearce’s problem was when he was making wrestlers like Drew Gulak, Ricochet, and R-Truth win matches against AJ Styles for the right to enter the Royal Rumble match this year when everyone else simply got to declare they would be in it. He came back with the following clarification:

Which has its own logic holes but, hey, we at least appreciated the effort.

Then the Royal Rumble happened tonight and look who showed up at number 12:

So he wasn’t granted the ability to simply declare by management and therefore had to qualify by winning a match against AJ Styles, failed to win that match and therefore failed to qualify, and then ended up entering the Royal Rumble anyway.

Adam Pearce has some more explaining to do. I look forward to his tweet in a few days attempting to clarify this very important issue.

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