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Gargano & O’Reilly comment on their possibly final NXT appearances

Will they stay? Will they go? To where? Will it be the right decision? Is AEW too crowded? Would the main roster misuse them?

Those are the kinds of questions the wrestle web is asking about Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano today (Dec. 8). Both men got traditional wrestling send-offs on last night’s episode of NXT, putting over younger talents with their WWE contracts reportedly about to expire. Gargano even got to say goodbye first, which has really only amplified debate about whether he’s re-signed.

But Johnny and Kyle aren’t dealing with those questions today, at least not publicly. They’re in gratitude mode. And why shouldn’t they be? Whatever comes next for them in their lives and careers, they’ve done amazing work out of the Performance Center for the last several years — in a business/art form where no one succeeds on their own.

Right back atcha, Kool Kyle and Johnny Wrestling. See Smell ya down the road.

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