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UpUpDownDown returns tomorrow

It’s been more than a month since any new content has been uploaded to WWE’s UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, with no new gaming streams since Oct. 15 (the last two videos were shorts featuring Mustafa Ali and Happy Corbin on favorite video games).

Reportedly, this is due to a holdout by creators in an effort to get the man most people think of when they thing of UpUpDownDown — Austin Creed, aka Xavier Woods — more compensation for his efforts. Word is that the reigning King of the Ring makes ‘little to nothing’ for his work on the channel. What he does get paid is said to goes against the minimum guaranteed by his overall WWE talent contract.

We don’t know if there’s been a renegotiation of Woods’ deal, but we do know that UpUpDownDown will stream tomorrow (Dec. 8). The King will be playing live from his other gig on G4*.

Excited to have UpUpDownDown back in our lives?

* Not to be confused with his other, other gig as the host of Nickelodeon’s Treasure Truck, which premieres its holiday special tomorrow, too.

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