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What Johnny Gargano & Kyle O’Reilly will be doing on their possibly final NXT

Reports indicate Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly’s illustrious runs in NXT could very well be ending after tomorrow’s episode of the formerly black-and-gold brand.

If that’s the case, here’s what WWE’s announced as the segments the first ever NXT Triple Crown Winner and the only three-time NXT Tag Team champion will go out on.

Both give rumor-reading fans plenty to speculate about. With Gargano, they’re really leaning into his possible exit.

Really, they did it all weekend long. Tommaso Ciampa shouted his #DIY partner out before the WarGames special last night (Dec. 5), they took the “Glorious Bomb” social media gimmick out of mothballs, and hit some of their old tandem maneuvers during the main event. Johnny used his babyface entrance music, paid tribute to his wife Candice LeRae with his ring gear, then told the Performance Center faithful chanting “Thank You” after the show that he’d tell them “everything” on Tuesday night.

You have to read between the lines a bit more with O’Reilly’s booking, but if he’s going to adhere to tradition and put someone over on his way out of the “territory”, this is a solid way to do that. Kyle put down an attempted betrayal by his latest tag partner at WarGames, and now he and Von Wagner will settle their issues in a steel cage match.

Will a heartfelt promo and a steel cage stretching be Gargano and O’Reilly’s final acts on NXT? We’ll see what happens on Dec. 7, during a show that is also promising MSK’s meeting with their shaman, and Xyon Quinn vs. Santos Escobar.

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