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A one-armed Cora Jade wins women’s WarGames match

NXT wasted no time getting right to the goods with its WarGames pay-per-view (PPV) tonight (Sun., Dec. 5, 2021) at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The show kicked off with Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai hoping to continue their recent run of success against the babyface squad of Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Cora Jade, and Kay Lee Ray in a WarGames match.

The story of the match was largely the fact that the babyface team had the advantage all throughout, as they continuously got the numbers edge all throughout. That made for a strange disconnect, with heel fighting hard to overcome said disadvantage.

They also did a bit where every time a new wrestler entered the match, they got under the ring to grab some new piece of weaponry to bring in with them. Ray started with a baseball bat, Kai grabbed kendo sticks, Jade took her skateboard in, Gigi brought in a trash can, Shirai took a few chairs in with her, Jayne got the tables, and Gonzalez tossed in a shovel.

By the time everyone was in the ring, it was a mess of furniture and humanity.

You know there was a big bump along the way:

They actually played that for an angle, with Jade selling that she landed wrong on her shoulder — and it did appear she may have — and she was about to leave to get medical attention when Shirai decided she would handle it herself and popped it back into place. It was executed fairly well, all things considered.

Hey, I bought it!

As it turned out, that was the setup for the finish. Jade was targeted the rest of the way, as she continued selling the use of only one arm, but the rulebreakers couldn’t put her away. After a chaotic back-and-forth that saw everyone laid out, it was Jade who remained upright, able to pin Jayne to give her team the win.

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