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WWE NXT WarGames predictions

WWE NXT will be putting on their latest live special this weekend. The brand swapped out black-and-gold for technicolor paint splatter, and tshi one won’t be called “TakeOver”, but we’re still excited for WarGames this Sun., Dec. 5 at 8PM Eastern at the WWE Performance Center. It’ll stream domestically on Peacock, and internationally on WWE Network.

If you’re new or just checking back in on NXT 2.0 for WarGames, we’ve also got a full preview. Right now, we’ve assembled a motley crew of NXT-following Cagesiders to give you their thoughts & predictions on all the matches.

Let’s get to it.


Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight vs. Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Tony D’Angelo & Grayson Waller

Geno Mrosko: There’s an argument to be made that the young guys should win because, well, isn’t that the entire point of all this rebranding and what not? Then again, you have to keep the old guard strong so they can put said young guys over in the right spots. Is this the right spot? I’m not so sure. I’m going to say no. Pick: Ciampa & Gargano & Dunne & Knight

Sean Rueter: If the young bloods lose, what does that say about the rebrand? Plus, there’s a long (well, five years or so anyway) WarGames tradition of using this to signal a title change, so look for Breakker to pin Ciampa. Pick: Team New School

Claire Elizabeth: Logically your new blood team should go over, especially in a one-fall WarGames situation where, say, LA Knight can take the fall. But also this is WarGames, with a heel team having the advantage, so a babyface comeback makes the most sense. But also also you got Trick Williams around to somehow interject himself. But also also also this is NXT 2.0, which is more like WWE proper than ever, which says the conquering babyfaces go over, and D’Angelo or Waller can easily take the fall here without speedbumping Bron or Carmelo’s momentums. AND we’re dealing with a DIY reunion here! So... Pick: DIY, LA Knight, & Pete Dunne

Stella Cheeks: It would be insane to completely gut and rebrand NXT only to award a WarGames victory to the old guard. The whole point of this match is to put the new kids over. Especially Bron Breaker. Pick: Team 2.0

Marcus Benjamin: One team is named “Team 2.0” and the other is named “Team Black and Gold.” What’s the name of the brand again? Oh, that’s right. For this new generation of NXT—attitude era lite—to stick, the young cats need the W. And those team names make it pretty obvious which way this one goes. School is in session and it’s in a brand new building. Pick: Leaders of the New School.

Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai vs. Raquel González, Io Shirai, Kay Lee Ray & Cora Jade

Geno Mrosko: This feels very much like a continuation of a bigger push for Toxic Attraction, and would also give Kai a win over Gonzalez to set up another match between the two. Also, they can figure out what they want to do with Shirai after. It feels right to pick the team that is an actual team over the individual stars thrown together. Pick: Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai

Sean Rueter: Going by the story logic I just used, I guess I should pick someone from the face team to pin Mandy. But I don’t they’re pulling the plug on her or her group’s push any time soon. I’d also just like to see them use this to give Kai a win over her former partner. Pick: Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai

Claire Elizabeth: Babyfaces having the advantage in a WarGames feels weird, folks. But also the babyface team has a clear weak link in the form of Cora Jade, and the only member of the babyface team who feels like she has a clear rising story is Kay Lee Ray, who should be headed for a title match sooner rather than later. So, heels pin either one of the former champs or the rookie, easy peasy. Pick: Dakota Kai & Toxic Attraction

Stella Cheeks: Toxic Attraction hold all the gold and “crazy” Dakota Kai is the wild card who needs a big win to solidify her new persona. The babyface team can take a loss especially if the baddies pull out some less than sportsman-like shenanigans. Pick: Dakota Kai & Toxic Attraction

Marcus Benjamin: Toxic Attraction have to get the W here. The group needs to further cement itself as the dominant force on Tuesday nights. And what better way to do that than an *clears throat* WARGAAAAAMES win? The team with the tag champs and the Women’s Champion shouldn’t take an L in a big spot. Pick: Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai

Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson

Geno Mrosko: I have been endlessly entertained by this tremendously goofy program, which was built on Hudson not being able to handle losing a single hand of poker to a guy who doesn’t really even know how to play the game. We went from that, believe it or not, to a hair vs. hair match. Incredible. Pick: Cameron Grimes

Sean Rueter: Grimey’s still got that GameStop money, and we know he looks good in a hat. Plus, I don’t think that trim he already got counts as the makeover those rumors said Vince wanted to give him. Pick: Duke Hudson

Claire Elizabeth: Ain’t no way the Carolina Caveman’s getting his head shaved, folks. Pick: Cameron Grimes

Stella Cheeks: Duke Hudson sucks and probably has a lumpy cranium. Pick: Cameron Grimes

Marcus Benjamin: I’m going with Cameron Grimes here. The Duke Hudson thing isn’t working for me and I don’t know what there is to gain from a poker player getting the W here. There’s a school of thought that says this is the start of a complete repackaging for Cameron Grimes. I could enroll in that school because its curriculum looks appealing. But Duke has to get his comeuppance. If anyone can do that, the Grimey man can. Pick: Cameron Grimes

Imperium vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

Geno Mrosko: There are still enough rumors around O’Reilly leaving the promotion that it’s all but impossible to pick the babyfaces here. Plus, it makes sense to wait for MSK to return to go after them for the titles again. Pick: Imperium

Sean Rueter: When does WALTER get here? Pick: Imperium

Claire Elizabeth: Well this has about as much heat to it as a fresh ice cube in Greenland. Part of me thinks that Imperium are just keeping the titles warm until MSK finish meeting up with their shaman and come back all supercharged, and rumors about O’Reilly’s contract status don’t help that, but I can’t help the nagging thought that a title change comes here just to liven things up. Pick: Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

Stella Cheeks: Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner are barely a tag team. No way they pick up the win against a real tag team with Walter’s always loom off screen presence breathing down their necks. Pick: Imperium

Marcus Benjamin: Imperium. Their run just started and they need to do more than look good with the belts on their shoulders while they talk trash about America. Pick: Imperium

Joe Gacy vs. Roderick Strong

Geno Mrosko: This pick has more to do with my belief that it’s beyond time to get rid of the Cruiserweight championship and should not be taken as an endorsement of the wrestler winning the match. Pick: Joe Gacy

Sean Rueter: Hate to see Diamond Mine lose because I’m really digging the stable, but the purple belt needs to be taken out by any means necessary. Pick: Joe Gacy

Claire Elizabeth: (long low groan of anguish) I was really hoping we’d have seen the last of this Joe Gacy character by now, folks, but here he is, rambling on about weight classes being morally wrong and mocking folks who have legitimate grievances with the way society treats the non-normative. I’m not even mad, I’m just disappointed. Pick: Roderick Strong

Stella Cheeks: I cannot in good conscience say a single nice or redeeming thing about Joe Gacy. Plus, The Diamond Mine is cool AF. Pick: Roderick Strong

Marcus Benjamin: This is a tough one. I’ll flip a coin. Pick: Roderick Strong

That's who we've got. Who are you taking, Cagesiders?

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