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Don’t laugh at a man with a giant sword

Singles match

Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy were dealing with Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss together on either side of Survivor Series. With Hardy’s surprising and sudden exit from WWE, Drew’s alone to finish this out.

The Road to Day 1

Without the Charismatic Enigma’s face paint to make fun of, Moss needed something else to joke about so he could crack up his pal Happy. Then McIntyre got so upset that he wasn’t included in the #1 contender’s battle royal that briefly put Sami Zayn in the Universal title picture, he put his beloved sword Angela through Adam Pearce’s desk.

That mean Corbin and Moss could start doing prop comedy. The bit didn’t work out so well, though. As Pat McAfee said, “He almost chopped you in half, Happy!”

Happy was not pleased about being the butt of Drew’s “performance issues” jokes. And after getting clowned again by the Big Scot and his pals The New Day in Christmas Eve’s Miracle On 34th Street Fight, he laid down a challenge... for Madcap to face the the King of Claymore Country. Moss wasn’t crazy about that, and he probably won’t be laughing when he heads to the ring on New Year’s Day in Atlanta.

What to watch for

Two things:

1. Signs of the rumored split between Moss and Corbin.

2. Confirmation of the speculation that McIntyre’s complaints about not being in the Black Friday Battle Royal will result in him entering the Universal title picture.

Until then, we want to know your answer to this question...


Who will win?

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  • 8%
    Madcap Moss
    (12 votes)
  • 91%
    Drew McIntyre
    (124 votes)
136 votes total Vote Now

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