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Poor Finn Bálor, he never saw it coming

With the clock winding down on 2021, WWE has decided to create a video ranking the 10 most surprising moments on SmackDown this year. The video doesn’t include Roman Reigns losing the Universal title, because the Tribal Chief held the belt for the entire year and remains at the Head of the Table with 2022 right around the corner.

However, the top 10 list does include betrayals, celebrities, mysterious liquid falling from above, and Brock Lesnar destroying a man. Let’s see what WWE came up with for the most surprising moments on Friday nights this year:

10. Apollo Crews betrays Big E
9. Logan Paul aligns with Happy Corbin
8. Reggie showcases his aerial skills
7. Trae Young aligns with Sami Zayn
6. Seth Rollins trespasses into Edge’s house
5. Sasha Banks betrays Bianca Belair
4. The Demon re-emerges
3. Edge channels his inner Brood
2. Brock Lesnar attacks Adam Pearce
1. John Cena signs the SummerSlam contract

The number one entry certainly catches my attention. If Finn Balor kept up-to-date with the daily Rumor Roundup here at Cageside Seats, perhaps he would have sensed that John Cena was waiting in the wings preparing to take his spot at SummerSlam.

Instead, Balor’s contract for a Universal championship match at SummerSlam was first stolen by Sad Corbin, and then Cena. Cena quickly signed his name close enough to the dotted line to be officially awarded Finn’s championship match. The most surprising moment of all will be if Finn ever pays that scoundrel Cena back for this heinous act. It’s very doubtful that we’ll ever see Balor get his revenge.

What’s your pick for the most surprising moments on SmackDown in 2021? Apollo’s new accent? Cesaro actually receiving a WrestleMania push? Paul Heyman fired by Roman Reigns? Maybe one of the aforementioned 10 moments from WWE’s list? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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