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Xavier Woods has a very Xavier Woods reason for needing time off from WWE next April

Xavier Woods’ Facebook

Aside from a Black Friday unboxing vignette, King Woods was not on the Nov. 26 episode of WWE SmackDown.

He told Bleacher Report’s Graham Matthews he’d asked for and been given the weekend off, but we don’t know why. We’re pretty sure it can’t be for a more Xavier “Austin Creed” Woods reason than why he’s asked to be off April 22-24 of next year, though.

Even though he couldn’t get them out of the first round of The New Day’s greatest TV show of all-time tournament, Woods’ love of the Dorothy, Blanche, Sofia, and Rose is well documented.

Child of the 80s that I am, I have fond memories of Saturday nights with Golden Girls (and the whole NBC block of 227, Amen, Empty Nest, and especially Hunter, which featured young Sean crush Stepfanie “Dee Dee McCall” Kramer). Fond enough to go to Chicago for a convention? Nah, but I love how passionately Woods loves the stuff he loves.

And while I won’t be going to Golden-Con myself, I’d love to watch King Woods cover the event. And if he covers it for WWE or a brand they own like UpUpDownDown?

(I would TOTALLY ask for time off to go to a Rounders convention, btw.)

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