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Harland kidnaps a guy on NXT, show moves right along

During this week’s episode of NXT, we were given a hilarious reminder of the absurdity of pro wrestling, or at least the absurdity that is Vince McMahon’s vision of it.

Harland, having just beaten down Andre Chase, saw a follower of Chase’s tending to him and decided, right there on a whim, to kidnap the guy. As he was carrying him out, Vic Joseph, doing commentary for the show, transitioned right out of “what is he doing with him?!?” right on into “we have to move on to the in-ring debut of Tiffany Stratton.

Later, Joseph noted they were being told something was going down on the roof and as it turns out Harland had taken this poor fellow all the way up there to, apparently, throw him off the building, likely killing him. So he was about to add murder to his list of transgressions on this fine evening, but Joe Gacy told him “I think you made your point” just in the nick of time.

The terrified student of Chase U lived, and the show once again went right along as if a guy didn’t commit multiple felonies in the span of like 15 minutes.

Stratton, for what it’s worth, won her debut match.

Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT TV this week:

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