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Goldberg says his shoulder’s been ‘destroyed’ for the last several years

The WWE Hall of Famer needs surgery, but he’ll get it when he’s ‘finished’ - which could be when his deal is done after his next match.

Goldberg was one of the guest on The Pat McAfee Show today (Dec. 28). Pat & Bill discussed a bunch of topics, including their mutual history as pro football players. But of course they also talked the other thing they have in common, working for Vince McMahon.

The SmackDown color commentator asked the WWE Hall of Famer about training for his semi-annual matches, and Bill revealed he doesn’t usually get a lot of lead time. He also revealed that he’s been working with a banged up shoulder for what sounds like the entirety of his current WWE run.

“They haven’t given me very much time. This last time with Lashley was the longest time they gave me to prep, and I think — you see the results. I felt pretty good. And I won’t tell everybody on national radio or television that my shoulder’s been destroyed for the last three years — five years, eight years. And I need surgery but, you know, I’ll get it when I’m done. I’ll get it when I’m finished... if Vince calls me tomorrow and says, ‘Hey Goldberg, we need you in a month,’ what am I gonna do if I get surgery? So I’ll get ‘er done when it’s time.”

When will Goldberg be “finished”. It could be soon, as he reiterated that his current contract is just about up.

Who’s next? And will that person be last — at least until shoulder surgery is done and rehab from it completed?

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