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Eric Bischoff showed up for The Miz & Maryse’s wedding vow renewal

He’s back!

And better than ever.

He’s not going to be sticking around, of course, but if only for one night, The Miz called in the only man who could be reasonably counted on to preside over the renewal of his wedding vows with Maryse — Eric Bischoff. “How could I say no?” he asked. “It’s going to be must see TV!”

And then Miz tripped walking up the steps to get to the ceremony, tried to speak French and somehow ended up speaking Spanish, and Bischoff, the wily old veteran he is, outright called out the moment Edge would interrupt, which he did. And then they did the Brood bit, where Miz and Maryse, clad in all white, had a bunch of gunk dumped all over them.

It was really the only way this was ever going to end up, an absolute mess. Bischoff gave an interview before he left, covered in the aforementioned gunk, and said he thought the ceremony was beautiful and when Miz broke out in French that turned into Spanish, he got weepy.

I sure have missed this fellow.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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