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Edge crossed an item off his bucket list on the way to Raw

Due to COVID issues affecting their talent and staff, WWE had to make several changes to their Holiday Tour dates in New York City and Tampa yesterday (Dec. 26).

Some were decent replacements for what had been advertised. Other developments were hopefully one-offs we’ll never see on television. One was a pretty clear-cut upgrade, though. It was also the first time two Canadian legends and WWE World champions ever worked together.

Turns out it was also on a Hall of Famer’s “to do” list when he returned from retirement nearly two years ago. We’ll let him explain...

Steel cage or no, the Edge vs. Kevin Owens match the fans in Madison Square Garden got is a dream match. Here’s hoping the Rated R Superstar is right that he’ll lock up with KO again in the future.

Meanwhile, what could he be doing in Detroit tonight? Surely he wouldn’t crash Miz & Maryse’s renewal of their wedding vows, would he?

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