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Toni Storm chased the 24/7 title at WWE’s Tampa house show

Now, (a) it’s a house show, and (b) it’s a house show where all hands were on deck because of COVID’s effects on the roster.

But it’s still wild that Toni Storm’s next act after unsuccessfully challenging SmackDown Women’s champion Charlotte Flair on television last Friday was to try and take the 24/7 belt from Dana Brooke on WWE’s house show in Tampa, Florida yesterday (Dec. 26).

Courtesy of PWInsider’s Ashley Colton:

There was some commotion backstage as a camera is shown on 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke. She is surprised by Aliyah and Toni Storm. They both attempt to pin her with roll ups but as she takes off she runs into Drew Gulak who falls on her and there is a referee who starts to make the count. Drew was confused and Dana runs off with Toni and Aliyah behind. They make their way out to the ring for the same type of shenanigans but Dana Brooke escapes the night again still 24/7 champion.

And a few pics for any disbelievers:

Again, given the circumstances, this very well could be a one-off. But if you want to be concerned about Storm’s WWE future... I wouldn’t blame you. It’s hard to imagine they’d tap anyone they had huge plans for for this role, no matter the situation.

On the plus side, Toni is Ryan Satin’s guest on this week’s Out of Character podcast from FOX Sports. And WWE wouldn’t book anyone for that if they weren’t high on them, right?

Just ask Keith Lee...

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