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Natalya gets another Guinness World Record

After Survivor Series last month, Natalya was recognized by the Guinness World Records (who still publish the “Book of” that a lot of us remember, but these days mostly focus on authenticating and promoting achievements people and companies pay them to verify).

For that record, most WWE PPV appearances, Nattie shared the spotlight with Randy Orton — he broke Kane’s mark for most PPV matches by a man, she likely extended the one for women. But now she’s getting solo acknowledgment for another feat.

As was the case with the PPV mark, all indications are that the third-generation wrestler is breaking her own record for wins. A July 2020 ranking compiled by website The Sportster using Cagematch, “10 Women With The Most Wins In WWE History”, had her at #1 with 617 victories. She may have been passed by Bayley at some point (Bayley was the only active wrestler within 100 wins of Natalya 17 months ago; she could have passed Nat before her knee injury this past summer), but even then Nattie’s just reclaiming a record she already held.

However it went down, and even if WWE is paying for these tweets, it’s a hell of an accomplishment. Congrats, Nat!

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