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WWE reportedly dealing with multiple COVID cases

With the omicron variant causing surges in COVID cases & hospitalization rates around the globe and leading to changes for sports & entertainment operations from Saturday Night Live to the National Football League, it’s not surprising that WWE is again feeling the effects of the pandemic.

The Dec. 30 Laval, Quebec stop on their holiday tour has been postponed until Mar. 6, 2022 due to restrictions that Canadian province has put in place to slow COVID’s spread, and Sportsnet’s Kevin Michie reports the Dec. 29 Toronto show will have its audience capped at 50% capacity for the same reason.

PWInsider’s sources also say WWE is dealing with internal COVID cases.

“... coming out of this past weekend’s loop of live events and TV tapings, a number of talents and staff were feeling run down and some have since tested positive for COVID-19, while others who were feeling sick are still waiting for their test results to return.”

There’s nothing in the report about how many people have or may have contracted the coronavirus, so it’s difficult to gauge the impact this could have on WWE’s upcoming schedule. This week’s Christmas Eve edition of SmackDown was taped last Friday, so they don’t have anything planned until they hit road on Sunday (Dec. 26). In addition to Raw in Detroit on Monday and the aforementioned Toronto show, they’re scheduled to work Madison Square Garden, Washington, DC, and Orlando next week on their way to Day 1 on Jan. 1, 2022 in Atlanta.

WWE dealt with several confirmed COVID cases and reported outbreaks during the first year of the pandemic, so they will almost certainly continue on with whoever is available as we head into year three.

Here’s hoping everyone stays or gets healthy. We’ll keep you posted with any updates.

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