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There were multiple Cool Moves on Raw this week

My main man Sean Rueter started a series right here on Cageside Seats a while back he called “Cool Moves.” He’s a creative guy who couldn’t come up with a better title, okay? Cut him some slack on that part.

The series itself is really great, and we in the Cageside offices are constantly trying to get him to bring it back. It’s in his honor that I’m kinda sorta bringing it back, if only to highlight two very cool moves we got to see on Monday Night Raw this week in Milwaukee.

Both are finishers, and we’ve seen both too many times to count, but the two wrestlers who delivered said moves, and just importantly the two wrestlers who sold them, made them look great.

First, we had Bianca Belair getting Doudrop up and walking her across the ring for an impressively smooth Kiss of Death:

I don’t know why they left off the part where she walked her over up on her shoulders, but it made it that much cooler.

Later, Randy Orton put Chad Gable down with an RKO that both came from nowhere and legitimately looked like it could have put poor Gable down for good:

In both instances — more so the former than the latter — the crowd responded with utter delight.


Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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