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Kevin Owens is an absolute madman

With 2021 winding down and no more pay-per-views on the schedule, WWE’s latest top 10 video (embedded above) looks back on the wildest weapon attacks of the year.

It’s a concept well-suited for Kevin Owens, who might just be the biggest bump machine in WWE. After all, this man was willing to jump off the WrestleMania sign at empty warehouse WrestleMania 36 in 2020. Not surprisingly, KO is either taking a nasty bump or pulling off an insane jump in three of the ten entries that make the cut.

There are no drip sticks or rotten tomatoes on this list. Here is what WWE came up with for the top 10:

10. Rey Mysterio uses a chair for a frog splash
9. Charlotte Flair’s table powerbomb
8. Bobby Lashley sends Xavier Woods into a chair
7. Bianca Belair spinebusters Bayley through kendo sticks
6. Kevin Owens’ elbow drop off a ladder
5. Sheamus’ White Noise through a table
4. Edge uses a broken chair piece for a crossface
3. Roman Reigns runs over Kevin Owens
2. Drew McIntyre delivers 20 chair strikes to Shanky
1. Seth Rollins powerbombs Kevin Owens through a ladder

Aside from being reminded that Kevin Owens is an absolute madman, this list also reiterates just how ineffective Drew McIntyre has been at using his giant sword named Angela. I mean, it’s a giant sword that generates massive eruptions of fire. Beating down Shanky with 20 chair strikes was brutal, for sure, but Drew should have appeared on this list several more times with Angela at his disposal.

Which memorable weapon attacks of 2021 rank among your favorites, Cagesiders?

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