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Beth Phoenix is leaving NXT

NXT’s WarGames 2021 is taking place this weekend (Dec. 5). It will be NXT’s first major weekend event since it was rebranded as NXT 2.0 in September, but it will also be commentator Beth Phoenix’s final appearance on commentary. She announced on Twitter that she is leaving NXT so that she can spend more time with her family:

The timing of Beth’s news is very interesting because her husband Edge just returned to WWE on Raw this week to start a program with The Miz. Maryse is also back in WWE to join The Miz for that story, so there has been a lot of fan speculation that Beth will soon get involved, perhaps leading to a husband/wife tag team match. Beth leaving NXT to get ready for a run on the main roster would certainly play into that scenario.

That’s all just speculation for now. Beth is on good terms with WWE and says she is leaving NXT to spend time with her family. She joined the NXT commentary booth roughly 2.5 years ago, and she will wrap up her work there at WarGames.

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