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Pro wrestlers showed out at a couple sporting events this weekend

Pro wrestling may not be what it once was, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see pro wrestlers popping up all over the place in other sporting events. For instance, Drew McIntyre announced the starters for the Milwaukee Bucks over Seth Rollins’ entrance theme:

The Bucks lost by 29 points to the Cavaliers.

Meanwhile, Adam Cole (bay bay) showed up at Halo’s first LAN of its return season, an event in Raleigh, for to squad up with Goldenboy — a host on G4 alongside WWE’s Xavier Woods — for a Big Team Battle Bonanza:

For those who don’t follow Halo, this was the entertainment portion of the tournament — of course it was, Adam Cole showed up — and Cole was called in to help Goldenboy defend his Big Team Battle title. In a surprise, they arguably had the most entertaining matchup of the day, with Cole and the squad emerging victorious:

For what it’s worth, the tournament concludes today on Twitch, with OpTic expected to run the table.

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