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WWE NXT UK champ Ilja Dragunov gets married

This week, Bryan Danielson & Hangman Page knocked his TakeOver 36 classic against WALTER fell out of the top spot on a lot of folks Match of the Year lists — including mine.

Ilja Dragunov’s victory over The Ring General is still a fantastic piece of work, though. And the 28 year old doesn’t care one bit what rankings-obsessed internet wrestling fans are doing right now anyway, because Dragunov tied the knot yesterday (Dec. 17)!

While the Moscow-born, Germany-raised Dragunov does have a four year old son, Constantine, who he’s mentioned in interviews and on WWE television, he keeps his private life pretty private. So I have no knowledge of his new wife or their relationship to share. But as we can all tell from the groom’s tweet, The Czar seems really happy. That’s all that matters.

So on behalf of Cageside Seats and the whole wrestling world, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to Ilja and his bride!

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