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Maryse is the next guest in Edge & Miz’s talk show feud

The second step in the Edge/Miz feud was a talk show segment. The A-Lister brought the Rated R Superstar onto Miz TV, and used his wife Maryse as a human shield against the Spear so he could hit Edge with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Monroe & Madison’s mom didn’t like that, so Maryse slapped her hubby across the face. Edge is an opportunist (some might say the ultimate one), so he’s going to drive a deeper wedge between the Mizanins. And what better way than with a talk show segment of his own!

Maryse will be the guest on “The Cutting Edge” during Dec. 20’s Raw. This part of the build-up to Miz vs. Edge at Day 1 certainly won’t do smoothly... will it see Beth Phoenix get involved in the program?

We’ll find out on Monday night. Other than this, the only other WWE is promoting for the live show from Milwaukee is Bobby Lashley demanding respect.

Excited for “The Cutting Edge” and Raw?

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