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Roman Reigns’ new shirt should go over big in CM Punk’s hometown

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WWE Shop

SummerSlam was the day after CM Punk returned to pro wrestling on AEW’s “The First Dance” edition of Rampage.

It meant that while Superstars like Roman Reigns were doing press in advance of the Biggest Party of the Summer, Punk’s name came up a few times. Reigns is a master of doing interviews where he remains in character while also being the man who plays that character... and he just might have a real life grudge against Punk.

So when Ariel Helwani mentioned the Best in the World while asking a question about Roman’s SummerSlam opponent John Cena, the Tribal Chief made sure to get in a shot. The soundbite that stuck with fans was Reigns saying Punk didn’t move the needle like Cena, The Rock, or himself.

And now, with SmackDown headed to Chicagoland and Roman’s return the only thing promoted for the show, WWE Shop has dropped this...

WWE Shop


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