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WWE ranks the funniest moments of 2021

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means it’s time for ranking things. In the case of the above video, WWE has decided to rank their 10 funniest moments of 2021. Let’s see what they came up with:

10. Seth Rollins gets cozy at Edge’s house
9. The Miz goes for a swim
8. Becky Lynch hits Adam Pearce below the belt
7. Byron Saxton pins Corey Graves
6. AJ Styles plays charades with Omos
5. Cesaro throws Bayley’s plant
4. Pat McAfee dances to Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme
3. Big E dresses as a janitor
2. Matt Riddle dresses as Randy Orton
1. Paul Heyman sings John Cena’s theme

There are some genuinely funny things on this list. You can fill out an entire top 10 just of Pat McAfee rocking out with Nakamura and Rick Boogs, as well as numerous RK-Bro interactions. Then there is Paul Heyman, whose sharp wit cannot be beat.

On the flip side, “funny” isn’t exactly the word I had in mind for Styles playing charades with Omos, or Miz falling into the kiddie pool. “Cringe” would be a much better word for those segments.

I get why Seth Rollins invading Edge’s home makes the list. There was plenty of fun to be had there, including Rollins drinking the orange juice, mocking children’s bad art, and just generally lounging around on the furniture like a slimy jackass. At the same time, wasn’t this supposed to be a horrifying and disturbing incident in kayfabe? After all, Edge had to call his AEW friends to stop that monster from doing harm to Beth and the kids. I can at least appreciate that in hindsight WWE is willing to admit this was more comedy than horror.

Big E as a janitor was...okay? I guess? It’s definitely not top 10 material, though. Paul Heyman damn near having a heart attack whenever Kayla Braxton sneaks up on him backstage is a much better fit for this list.

As for some of the other snubs, how about the recent banter between Canadian alpha males Sami Zayn and Brock Lesnar?

And who can forget about Nia’s hole? Or Billie Kay passing around her headshot and resumé, which espoused her ‘extensive background in talking’? Maybe the fine folks who came up with this video weren’t allowed to use any of the 80+ wrestlers who were released during the year, in which case I guess I can see why they had to scramble for charades and the kiddie pool.

There’s no way I can recall all the funniest moments of the year in WWE, Cagesiders, so please help me improve WWE’s list in the comments below by mentioning which hilarious moments put a smile on your face in 2021.

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