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Roman Reigns is not the best wrestler in the world

Hangman Page and Bryan Danielson wrestled to a 60 minute time limit draw in an AEW world championship match on last night’s Dynamite. As I was watching the match, one thought that crossed my mind multiple times was: “Bryan Danielson is the best wrestler in the world.”

This reaction isn’t based on just the one match. It’s been evident to me ever since Danielson debuted in AEW and was no longer under WWE’s constraints that he’s the best wrestler going today, and it’s extremely impressive to see him perform at such a high level in every single match.

And what do you know, Danielson agrees with that assessment. Here’s what he told Sports Illustrated ahead of the match with Page:

“AEW fans want to be able to claim that the AEW champion is the best wrestler in the world. If I am the AEW world champion, then they can make that claim...There have been times at different points in my career where you could argue I was the best in the world, but the version of myself right now is better than any of those versions. My technique is the best it’s ever been. I don’t get tired in matches. I’ve been putting in work this week rehabbing my knee, doing stuff I couldn’t have done back when I was Ring of Honor champion and wrestling long, long matches.”

Roman Reigns has received much critical acclaim for his work over the last year, and rightfully so, but he falls short of Bryan’s level in the ring. Kenny Omega is also great, but he doesn’t talk me into his matches the way Bryan does. There are plenty of other candidates out there for best wrestler in the world, including wrestlers from promotions not named WWE or AEW, but I think the American Dragon has them all beat.

Bryan didn’t win the title last night, but if he ever does get his hands on the gold, he’d love to change it to a more eco-friendly version, similar to what he did with the WWE championship in 2019:

“I do not understand why we are still making anything out of animal skin. We don’t need to. The synthetic fibers are just as good-looking and just as durable as leather, and we don’t harm any animals. I don’t know if I’d go all the way to the hemp and naturally fallen oak, but I’d love to get that changed.”

That’s just one more reason to acknowledge Danielson as the best in the world.

Okay Cagesiders, now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments below who your pick is for the fourth best wrestler in the world, once we get past the obvious top three of SLAPJACK, The Blade, and Hook.

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