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Charlotte Flair doesn’t recognize Zelina Vega as the Queen of WWE

When rumors of WWE’s Queen’s Crown Tournament began to pop up in the summer, I assumed Charlotte Flair would win because being The Queen has been her gimmick for years. Little did I know the tournament bracket would be reserved for mid and lower card wrestlers, the matches would be given practically no time, and the Queen’s Crown would end up as one of the worst tournaments in WWE history.

Top stars like Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bianca Belair were not included in the tournament. Zelina Vega went on to win it over Doudrop in the final match in Saudi Arabia. Vega has since changed her accent, gimmick, and attire to fully embrace being the new Queen of WWE, and it has resulted in tag team championship gold.

Flair and Vega are on different brands and have yet to mix it up since Vega became the Queen in October. But as a women’s tag team champion, Vega can technically appear on SmackDown any time she feels like it. Will a Queen vs. Queen match be coming in the future?

In an interview with, Flair dismissed Queen vs. Queen as a silly idea that she is not interested in:

“I don’t think I need a crown to be called the Queen. I am the Queen. It’s silly to me. [laughs] No offense!”

“I mean, maybe facing Zelina, but to have a match focused around Queen versus Queen? Like, I’m the Queen of them all – without a throne. I don’t see that as – she has a long way to go before that becomes her...I always wear my invisible crown.”

So there you have it, folks. Flair is cool with wrestling Vega, but she’d rather not fight over a silly crown. Charlotte has much more serious business on her hands these days anyway, like feuding with Toni Storm over throwing pies in each other’s face. Wait, what?

Are you interested in watching Flair vs. Vega in a fight over the Queen’s Crown, Cagesiders?

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