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Kevin Owens used to have two most painful bumps — after Raw he has three

WWE”s YouTube

It didn’t seem like things went Kevin Owens’ way on Raw last night (Dec. 13), since his scheme to keep Bobby Lashley out of Day 1’s WWE title match was thwarted by authority figures Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville, and Lashley’s manager MVP, and the All Mighty himself. But today, KO is acting like having a 4Way with Bob is exactly what he wanted.

Spin? A back-up plan? We’re checkers players. We won’t try to play chess with a tactical genius like Owens. What we will talk about are the two, now three, most painful bumps of Kev’s career.

He revealed the newest entry to the list happened last night:

As my partner in blog Geno Mrosko noted, the “for some reason” part isn’t exactly an unsolvable mystery. Landing on your tailbone like will cause the old sciatica to flare up something fierce. Several fans have pointed out this bump might not have been worth taking on television in a non-title match, but Owens is defending his strategy...

... and again, we’re checkers guys. We were still interested in the other two, and great guy that he is, KO broke them down for us. They do look painful!

Especially this one:

Who was that Titan?

Anyway, rest up KO. You’ve got a big match coming up in a couple of weeks, and we don’t want three to turn into four!

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