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Big E continues to innovate

While you can see the ways WWE is trying to “protect” Big E and “make him look strong” during his championship run on Raw, it’s hard to feel terribly confident his is a reign that will last too much longer. At this point, my optimism peaks at “well, it can’t be any worse than how Kofi Kingston’s ended.”

Maybe I’ll be surprised, and a flip will be switched on a run that’s seen him go 7-4-1 in televised singles matches since winning the belt in September. Or it could end without him even factoring into the decision at Day 1.

No matter. The Powerhouse of The New Day will continue to be wildly entertaining in everything he does. Take how he handled the “champion watches with interest on a monitor backstage” assignment on the Dec. 13 Raw. E already put his own, winking spin on this trope earlier in his reign. Last night, he decided to add a pad and pencil.

A big meaty man taking notes.

Belt or no belt, that’s our Large Epsilon.

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