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This Vince McMahon/Austin Theory story is bad

There’s something particularly jarring about WWE dedicating actual television time to telling a story centered around a young, up-and-coming wrestler struggling to please a septuagenarian with impossible to know or understand idiosyncrasies who just so happens to be his boss and the man in charge of his entire career. It’s like the company wanted to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how frustrating it must be dealing with Vince McMahon.

Maybe it’s not actually like that, and many, like Daniel Bryan, have only ever spoken fondly of their interactions with the WWE overlord. But shit, man, they’ve released over 80 wrestlers this year alone, many of whom they very clearly had no idea what to do with, and many of whom struggled to pull off goofy character ideas approved by one man. That man, you guessed it, is the same guy Austin Theory is currently kissing up to in the hopes of impressing.

I don’t know, it just feels kind of scummy.

It continued on Monday Night Raw this week, with Vince thinking one thing and Theory thinking something else and being told to SHUT UP and chastised for not understanding. I guess the idea is that McMahon is taking him under his wing, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. Even without the subtext, it just doesn’t make for very good television. Theory is annoying while Vince, for as good a performer as he used to be, is just awkward now.

The sooner it’s all over the better.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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