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SmackDown & Rampage see modest viewership gains on Dec. 10

The final television numbers for Fri, Dec. 10 are in.

Both AEW and WWE’s shows saw a week-over-week increase in overall viewership, one of the two main metrics used to judge their performance on television. It wasn’t much in either case, but you won’t hear too much complaining — especially after some bad to middling numbers for pro wrestling shows earlier in the week.

SmackDown’s audience grew 5.5%, to 2.142 million. The show was missing Universal champion Roman Reigns, but Brock Lesnar was apparently good enough for a lot of viewers. WWE and FOX did see the 18 - 49 year old demographic rating dip, however. The .50 was 2% off the Dec. 3 number, and a new low since the show left ThunderDome in July.

Over on cable, Rampage got back over 500K viewers. Not by much, and their audience of of 503K was less than 1% better than the week before, but that means there are at least 3,999 Hook-ers besides myself. The .18 key demo rating was unchanged for the third straight Friday.

We’ll be another week deeper into the holiday season this Friday. But the blue brand gets Reigns back and AEW’s show will be taped as part of Wednesday’s big Winter Is Coming show in Texas, so we’ll see what that all means for SmackDown and Rampage’s numbers.

Source: Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics

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