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Bayley teases returning from injury soon

During a special Instagram Q&A session, Bayley was asked about an update on her health and when she might be returning to WWE. She suffered a knee injury back in July, reportedly a torn ACL, and initial word was she would miss approximately nine months.

It’s only been five and fans are getting restless so, naturally, they’re asking for any update. She’s a worker at heart, so she teased out a possible return soon:

“People are asking how my knee is. So, my knee is doing great. My leg is doing great. My ankle is doing great. My calf is doing great. My shin is doing great. My hip is doing great. My mind is doing great. So, I mean, it’s only a matter of time. I’m not going to tell you when and I don’t want all these idiots watching to know when. But I’m going to be coming back soon, maybe. Y’all better be ready.”

Given the injury, it would be quite the shock if she were able to return in just six months even, which would be roughly in time for the Royal Rumble. At the very least, she’ll likely be ready in time for WrestleMania next year.

It will be most interesting to see what brand she ends up on, considering she was one of the wrestlers who wasn’t drafted back in October.

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