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We need a Brock Lesnar/Sami Zayn tag team

Look, I understand Brock Lesnar is a singles star, who is getting paid entire boatloads of money by Vince McMahon to be a singles star. He’s in WWE to deliver big matches just like he’ll do against Roman Reigns at the upcoming Day 1 pay-per-view to kick off the new year.

But this thing with Sami Zayn is just too good to go away from:

I wrote plenty about it in the last two Friday Night SmackDown recaps (read them here and here) but these two have the kind of chemistry you don’t often get between two top level stars. Sure, Lesnar beat Zayn up not once but twice but I found myself feeling genuinely sad we likely won’t be getting vignettes of the two up in Canada doing some moose hunting.

I’m still holding out some measure of hope they go with this for just a bit longer.

They probably won’t, with Reigns coming back next week and a big match to promote that is now just a couple weeks away. But come on. WWE on FOX social media person knows what’s good:

This needs to happen.

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