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Report: Johnny Gargano’s WWE contract has expired

We initially saw reports a few months ago that Johnny Gargano’s contract with WWE was ending on Dec. 3, 2021. A couple weeks ago, new reports indicated that Gargano signed a one week extension with WWE so he could work the NXT WarGames 2021 main event match. That extra week has now lapsed.

Earlier this evening, a new report from Fightful said that Gargano has decided to become a free agent, with his contract extension set to expire at midnight. It is now midnight, so that means Gargano is no longer under contract with WWE. He is a free agent and can appear on television for any other wrestling company as soon as possible.

The report mentions that WWE offered Gargano a much better deal than the one he passed on in October 2019. Nonetheless, he elected to become a free agent. The relationship between both sides remains “incredibly amicable” and it’s still possible that he will sign a new deal with the promotion.

Are you surprised that WWE and Gargano could not reach an agreement on a new deal, Cagesiders? What do you think his next move will be?

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