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Ever since NXT introduced Duke Hudson, a poker player, as a new character on its glorified variety show, I’ve been trying to figure out what poker has to do with pro wrestling. Beyond that, where could they even go with such a gimmick?

Last week, they went ahead and had Cameron Grimes show up to Hudson’s “Poker Room” for a game on a full table. One-by-one, Hudson took the rest of the group out until he went heads up with Grimes and got taken for all his cash.

How would they follow up?

On this week’s episode of NXT, Hudson confronted Grimes to demand answers, namely to whether or not it was luck or if Grimes duped him. His anguish was such that he just had to know. You don’t know what it does to a poker player when he loses like that, after all.

His only reprieve was to challenge Grimes to a POKER SHOWDOWN for next week, only this time they’re going to do it in the ring in front of everyone. So I guess we’re all going to get to watch these two play cards again.

Gee, I wonder what will happen if Grimes wins again?!?

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