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We almost got a Rick Steiner appearance at Halloween Havoc

This year’s edition of Halloween Havoc featured Bron Breakker getting his first shot at the NXT championship in what turned out to be a fun match against Tommaso Ciampa. He came up short, but he won in the sense that it’s clear he’s got potential to be a big star with a bright future.

But that’s not what we’re concerned with here today. No, what we’re concerned with is that we came incredibly close to his father, the legendary Rick Steiner, appearing on the aforementioned show.

That’s what Ciampa told talkSPORT, at least:

“So, he was meant to be at Halloween Havoc. He pulled out last minute. Maybe because I retained, but I won’t say that’s why [laughs]. I would love to be friends with him.

“I said to Bron ‘I don’t want to meet your dad, I want him to be my buddy.’ I want us to exchange numbers and whatever Rick Steiner does. He’s probably not a big phone guy, I don’t know [laughs]. But I just wanna be friends with him.”

That’s outstanding, and you can absolutely relate. How cool would it be to be friends with Rick Steiner?

Here’s to hoping we eventually do get an appearance from one of the greatest tag team wrestlers in the history of the industry.

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