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One WALTER dream match set up another

When WWE announced that WALTER and Cesaro would be throwing down on the November United Kingdom tour, we made a noise that probably sounded more like “SQUEEE!” than we care to admit. Then we got very jealous, because we realized we’d probably never see these showdowns between two legends of European pro wrestling, who are both currently among the best in the world.

But BT Sport gave us a little taste of their hard-hitting affair from Leeds, England on Nov. 8 (won by the Ring General). And they’re promising to give us more from Sunday’s Liverpool show (also won by the big Austrian... because why should house shows be any different than television?)...

So #ReleaseTheLiverpoolCut is something we can look forward to. And maybe we can also finally look forward to seeing WALTER chop down Finn Bálor. WWE was setting that feud up for TakeOver: Dublin before the pandemic shut everything down on the other side of the Atlantic (and changes to the company’s overall strategy left NXT UK in a weird position). These moments from last night show they haven’t completely forgotten about this particular European supermatch, though.

If only there were a wrestling GIF that was appropriate for this situation...

Dave Bautista never lets us down. Follow his example, WWE. Put Cesaro vs. WALTER up somewhere we can all see it, then book the Bálor match.

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