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Bobby Lashley takes Dominik Mysterio’s place at Survivor Series


This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw saw WWE official Adam Pearce suddenly concerning himself with the level of team the red brand will field in the men’s elimination match at Survivor Series later this month in Brooklyn. All but one member of the team is a former world champion, after all, and after such a dominant performance last year, he wants to see the red brand continue that run of dominance.

We weren’t given a reason for why he feels this way when he’s the authority figure on both shows, but there’s time for an explanation later.

If we get it.

Anyway, Pearce made note of all but one member of the red team being a former champion because he wanted to single out the one who wasn’t — Dominik Mysterio. He told him he could remain on the team only if he could defeat Bobby Lashley. And though Pearce didn’t announce as much, commentary later said Lashley would take his place if he emerged victorious.

Sure enough, Bobby put a beating on the young Mysterio. The match was never competitive and, in fact, Lashley stopped Dom from submitting to the Hurt Lock at one point so he could keep having his way.

Eventually, Lashley allowed Dom to tap and his father will now have to team with the man who destroyed him.


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