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Big E & Mustafa Ali console Angel Garza after WWE takes his last name

There’s apparently a support group for this. It all sounds very wholesome.

Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo not only got a new tag team name, Los Lotharios*. In the process, they also became the latest WWE Superstars to lose their surnames.

It’s an odd WWE quirk (and it appears I misread Veer becoming Veer Mahaan — that was not an indication of a new trend, it’s just the exception that proves the rule). It’s also something that’s been going on for a long while now. Long enough that a pair who were among the first to have their kayfabe names shortened have apparently been running a support group...

How much food and beverage is necessary probably depends on whether Matt Riddle is attending, and if the meeting starts at 4:21 or later. They’ve probably needed fewer snacks since Miro signed with AEW though...

And one person who got to join on a temporary basis vouches for the quality of fellowship you can find with this group. And their brevity:

Watch out for members of the 24/7 title scene though. Those dudes are desperate...

* Which isn’t bad, but after “Jacket Time”, our standards are pretty low.

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