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Vin Diesel invokes his kids, destiny in Fast reunion pitch to The Rock

An unexpected twist in my favorite pro wrestling sports entertainment adjacent feud, as Vin Diesel jumped on the ‘Gram yesterday (Nov. 7) to pitch Dwayne Johnson on a reunion for Fast & Furious 10. The 2023-releasing flick is supposed to be the first chapter in a two-film wrap-up for the entire billion dollar franchise.

From its start back in 2016, the beef between Diesel and Johnson has been a d*** measuring contest. Opening with calling The Rock “little brother”, probably won’t do anything but fan the flames. But maybe in between mentioning DJ’s relationship with his kids and the passive-aggressive challenge to not let the franchise down, Vin’s figured out the secret to making the Fast yard big enough for both of these alpha dogs. We’ll see.

Either way, this feels like at least a partial response to Rocky’s recent Vanity Fair interview where he addressed his issues with Diesel while defining the term “candy ass”. Will Johnson “rise to the occasion” of returning to the main Fast family (as opposed to working in spin-off films with their own storylines like Hobbs & Shaw)? Or will he get down in the mud and layeth some more of the smacketh downeth on Dom Toretto?

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