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Drew McIntyre acknowledges Roman Reigns

When Drew McIntyre moved over to Friday Night SmackDown in the WWE Draft, it seemed clear the idea was to put him into a program with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. McIntyre spent the better part of the past couple years running or near the top of the red brand, so why wouldn’t he be in the same position on the blue brand?

It does indeed appear that that is the plan but not right away. McIntyre told Sky Sports that Reigns is indeed the top of the food chain right now — going so far as to say that includes all of professional wrestling — but he’s taking his time building up before getting to that match:

“Yeah, he’s on fire. There’s nobody close to him in the entire wrestling industry. That’s why everyone keeps saying to me ‘it’s Drew and Roman, that’s obviously what’s going to happen.’ I’m sure it’s inevitably going to happen but I don’t want it to happen right now. He’s got all this momentum and I’m a very patient man. I’ve been in the wrestling game for over 20 years now. I want to keep building up victories, I want to keep building up momentum, I want him to have to watch and go ‘alright, I know what this guy can do.’ We fought each other at Survivor Series last year. His cousins, of course, interfered. He low blowed me and eventually choked me out. That’s cool but he knows what I’m capable of these days, and I want him to have to watch me build up momentum and when the time is right we come together and it’s going to be a huge match for us as Superstars but especially for the fans. Not until the time is right, though.”

I’m not sure how interesting it will be character wise, but the matches will undoubtedly tear the house down.

Tick tock.

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