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WWE forgot about Toni Storm again

WWE announced the teams for Survivor Series elimination matches in a random Twitter thread earlier today and folks couldn’t help but take notice not just of who was selected for the SmackDown women’s team but who wasn’t.

Here’s the squad:

  • Sasha Banks
  • Shayna Baszler
  • Shotzi
  • Natalya
  • Aliyah

Banks was just challenging for the title and is still in the main event scene. Shotzi is feuding with her after inserting herself into said scene just last week. Baszler is doing dirty work for Sonya Deville at the moment but her track record speaks for itself. Natalya hasn’t been seen much since losing the tag team titles and being split from Tamina. Lastly, Aaliyah just made her debut in a backstage segment and has yet to even wrestle a match or appear in front of a crowd on television.

There are three women who weren’t included who have a good reason for that:

  • Charlotte Flair, the champion of the division who has her own matters to attend to that night
  • Naomi, who qualifies but is currently being held down by the corporate overlords
  • Xia Li, who has yet to make her debut proper though vignettes began airing teasing as much

Then there’s Toni Storm.

She was given a couple weeks of vignettes to tease her arrival on the blue brand, then she debuted, beat Zelina Vega, and quickly disappeared while Vega went right into wrestling “championship contenders” matches against the top of the division.

When they finally remembered her, it was for a backstage interview and that only led to a first round exit in the Queen’s Crown Tournament, where she was defeated by the eventual winner, you guessed it, Zelina Vega, who is now on Monday Night Raw and representing that brand in this very match.

Storm, meanwhile, is right back off television, not in this match, and seemingly left floating in the wind once more.

There’s only so much time and promotion to go around but Toni Storm is far too good at this to be left hanging over and over again, especially after such a strong tease that she would usher in change to a women’s division on SmackDown that badly needed it.

Back to the waiting game.

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