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SmackDown gave us a lot of punch face this week

I used to cover mixed martial arts before coming over to the pro wrestling space and one of the best things about going through a photo gallery for a UFC show was how often you would see punch face. It doesn’t happen as often in WWE, but sometimes you get a show like this week’s Friday Night SmackDown.

Where we got Ricochet straight up slapping Drew McIntyre:

McIntyre got him back by hitting him so hard in the chest, Ric felt it in his face:

Later in the night, Happy Corbin put a boot upside Erik’s dome:

Erik got his revenge with a well placed knee:

We’ll close with Jimmy Uso putting it on King Woods so hard he appears to be feeling it himself:

A big shout out to the fine folks over at doing the lord’s work with consistently good photography like this. The more punch face the better.