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Released NXT wrestler says her visa is expiring, has to sell everything to leave country

Catalina Garcia’s Twitter

As “Katrina Cortez”, Catalina Garcia worked a match against Sarray that premiered on last Friday’s edition of 205 Live. A week later, the 21 year old is out of a job. Now, she’s revealed she also has to find a way to pack up her life in the United States and return to Chile, as her visa is set to expire next month.

Now, I’m not an immigration lawyer, and I don’t know anything about Garcia’s situation beyond what’s in that tweet. Hopefully, WWE is reaching out to do something to help make her move a little easier. Because while maybe there are things she could have done to prepare for this possibility, there’s certainly things a global corporation with unexpectedly high revenue can do to assist someone whose life they just played a role in turning upside down.

But what do I know? I’ve never been part of the WWE “family”. And for that, maybe I should be grateful.

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