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Taya Valkyrie thanks WWE after release, but is ‘leaving there a little broken’

Former Impact Knockouts and AAA Reina de Reinas champion Taya Valkyrie - who was “Franky Monet” in NXT for such a short time she’s still better known among wrestling fans by her non-WWE name - was among the talents released yesterday (Nov. 4).

She quickly confirmed the news, and made moves toward her future on Twitter. But with a little more time to reflect, Taya today issued a more in-depth statement about being cut, and her entire WWE run.

It’s gracious, which isn’t surprising given that her husband John Morrison still works for WWE. But while it doesn’t burn bridges or do anything that would make Morrison’s work life miserable, Valkyrie is open and honest about how frustrating her eight month run with Vince McMahon’s company was.

As fans who watched her in AAA, Impact, or Lucha Undergound know, Taya is right that she’s “a very very good pro wrestler.” WWE never seemed to be completely behind her as a pro wrestler, though, so not being Franky Monet is probably best for her.

Doesn’t mean what happened yesterday doesn’t suck, though.

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