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Keith Lee says the ‘whole Bearcat thing’ wasn’t his idea


If we ever hear the unfiltered version of Keith Lee’s WWE run, it’s gonna be one heck of a tale.

We already know it involved a scary battle with COVID. When Lee returned from that, he was repackaged as “Bearcat”, a menacing heel character that was miles away from the inspirational “Limitless” gimmick the big Texan rode to prominence on the independents and in NXT.

As is often the case when a fan favorite gets a WWE makeover, there was speculation about whose idea “Bearcat” was. We got the impression it might have been Keith’s. The legacy of the nickname, and its place in wrestling history, seemed like something Lee would want to continue and amplify. We’d also just heard how a similarly polarizing repackaging (Nikki Cross’ transformation into Nikki A.S.H.) was talent-driven.

Doesn’t seem like that was the case with Keith “Bearcat” Lee, though. After being released by WWE on Nov. 4, Lee shot that theory down in the comments of an Instagram he posted prior to being cut.

In response to someone saying “this whole Bearcat thing was his idea,” Keith wrote, “No. It was not. Lol.”

Keith Lee’s Instagram

There you have it.

Why WWE didn’t think there was money in the version of Lee who had the packed houses at Survivor Series 2019 & Royal Rumble 2020 on their feet screaming for his moments with the company’s biggest stars? We’ll see if we get answers to that question.

But for now, at least we know the ‘whole Bearcat thing’ wasn’t his idea.

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