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Bray Wyatt’s ominous-yet-supportive reaction to yesterday’s WWE releases

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Proving that Kenny Omega isn’t the only one who can issue an in-character tweet about yesterday’s shocking WWE releases, Windham (fka Bray Wyatt) offered up this doozy...

It’s not quite the implied job offer AEW’s World champion & Executive Vice-President threw down, but it is more motivational. I’d rather join Windham as he sacks the heart of the empire than take a loss from The Belt Collector.

The former (?) Fiend also does a hell of a job building interest for both his return to a pro wrestling show, and his next interview with a pro wrestling podcast. Windham didn’t seem happy with WWE before, and what happened on Nov. 4 certainly didn’t change his mind.

When will the right time and place be? Will others be joining Windham when he heads toward Rome with a torch?

* The flip side of Kenny’s boastful message is that he’s offering at least a one-off payday for a match against one of the biggest non-WWE stars in the world.

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