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Dana Brooke’s boyfriend arrested after allegedly punching an internet troll in the face

WWE star Dana Brooke’s boyfriend is an MMA fighter named Ulysses Diaz. He’s in the news because he was arrested for finding the home of an online troll and punching this person in the mouth.

Here’s WPLG Local 10‘s summary of the story:

There’s no word yet on whether Corey Graves was the obnoxious troll who Brooke’s boyfriend is accused of striking. I’m just kidding, of course.

This story reminds me of something that happened to me last year. A former WWE wrestler didn’t like a story I wrote about him, so he sent me a direct message through Twitter threatening to meet me one day and show me what a piece of shit I am. There was never any follow up to that, thankfully. But for at least a split second I had to consider the possibility that a large man with violent intentions might be on his way to stalking me or trying to find my home location.

Social media has unfortunately given rise to toxic voices and trolls everywhere, and it’s easy to be a tough guy on the internet when there is seemingly no chance for physical retaliation. In this case we don’t even know yet if it’s fair to characterize this online commenter as a troll. What we do know is that it’s never a good idea to show up at a stranger’s house looking to punch someone in the face. Diaz is now being charged with battery.

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